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About modifiedcarroom.com & Modified Cars.

About Modified Car Room

What's a Modified Car ?

A modified car refers to any cosmetic, technical, handling or audio work that has been carried out after a car leaves a factory. This work is commonly known in the industry as ‘aftermarket’ modifications. There are varying degrees of modifications; some people may just settle with a set of alloy wheels which are different to the ones given to it at the time of manufacturing and other people will completely rebuild a car from the ground up. The latter may include a full engine upgrade, a new suspension system, various in-car-entertainment screens, speakers, stereo equipment and controls, a new paint job and various other cosmetics like new mirrors, wheels, grilles, lights and interior upholstery.

Owners usually modify their car so as to distinguish it from the thousands of other models on the road and demonstrate their artistic taste. A lot of modified car owners also like to improve the performance of their cars as well as the handling. There is a lot of kudos surrounding a modified car which has the best break horse power for its particular model of car. Many modified car owners also race their cars at various race tracks and so performance and handling is paramount.

There are various tuning houses across the world that specialise in carrying out modifications however some owners choose to go to parts suppliers and do the work themselves in their own garage.

Some aftermarket tuning houses offer a ‘ready to drive away’ modified car which is effectively their vision and is comprised of all the accessories and tuning products they supply. Most aftermarket tuning houses also offer consultations with owners where the owners get to put forward their own vision and the tuning houses only fits the car with products and parts which are to the owners taste.

A ‘modified car’ is a term often used in the UK. Other countries often refer to modified cars as tuned or custom cars however custom cars are usually older models that have been revived.

Modifying cars is a popular pastime and there are tens of thousands of people that modify their cars across the globe. It can be an extremely expensive hobby as there are so many parts and products you can for this purpose. There are several enthusiasts websites dedicated to modified cars as well as car clubs and events where like-minded people can socialise, share skills and show off their modifying talent.

About modifiedcarroom.com

Modified Car Room is an online modified car website for car enthusiasts who love cars. Another common word for car enthusiasts is 'Petrol Heads' These people can spend lots of money on modifying there cars to make them faster and louder.

Modified Car Room also has an online car forum for car enthusiasts to post about there cars and latest work in progress on there cars.

We also have car guides on modifying your car to the simple everyday maintenance of cars, Modified Car Room car forums are a great way to meet new people and share your ideas and inspiration on modifying cars.

Our car forums also have all the latest modified car shows & events posted on are active car forums. Modified Car Room have a video page for all car videos on funny stuff show and events, car models, and car crashes and lots more.

Modified Car Room is run by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts so everything we do here at Modified Car Room is for car enthusiasts. We take care in what we do and we post content like modified car pictures and more for car enthusiasts to read.

How long has modifiedcarroom.com been around ?

Modified Car Room is a farley new modified car website for 2012, and we have only been around for a couple of months, But we plan to become a massive online modified car website and plan to become a big house hold name with'in the next couple of years!